Opening of the Danish National Research Foundation Center of Excellence for Global Mobility Law (MOBILE)

Airline routines

MOBILE hereby invites you to celebrate its official center opening.

Funding from the Danish National Research Foundation has enabled the establishment of MOBILE – a new Center of Excellence investigating how legal infrastructures shape human mobility across geographies, travel patterns and time. MOBILE will be hosted by the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen.

The opening will comprise of short talks and musical interludes, followed by a reception. 

To register for the event please follow this link no later than Monday 23rd January 12:00.

In case of additional questions, please send these to: 




- Musical interlude I

- Rector of the University of Copenhagen Henrik Wegener

- CEO of  the Danish National Research Foundation Søren-Peter Olesen

- Musical interlude II

- MOBILE Center Director Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

- PhD Student Andrea Jiménez Laurence

- Dean of the Faculty of Law Jacob Graff Nielsen

- Musical interlude III


Music performed by Mikkel Sørensen (DTU Skylab) and the Modern Tango Quintet



- Reception