26 February 2024

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen wins the EliteForsk Award

TGH headshot
Photo: Kristoffer Juel Poulsen

H. M. Queen Mary and Minister for Higher Education and Science Christina Egelund will today present the prestigious EliteForsk award to Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, one of five young researchers who have distinguished themselves with their research.

Our approach to foreigners is always a mirror of how society is, says Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen. With his groundbreaking legal research, he works to nuance our understanding of people's right to move.

Why do our beetroot-colored passports allow us to travel almost freely around the world, while others' passports restrict their mobility? What makes illegal immigrants pay a fortune for a risky Mediterranean crossing when they could travel much cheaper on charter flights? And can the many Danish tightening measures in the immigration area limit the number of asylum seekers coming to Denmark?

These are some of the complex and highly charged questions that Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen seeks coherent and data-driven answers to with his groundbreaking research in mobility law.

Today, Thomas is among five researchers being honored at an award ceremony at The Black Diamond in Copenhagen because they have delivered world-class research that helps inspire younger researchers to follow in their footsteps and strive for the same high academic level.

The award recipients each receive DKK 1.2 million in recognition of their hard work and the importance of their research to society. DKK 1 million goes to the recipients' research activities, while the remaining DKK 200,000 is a personal honorary award.

Congratulations to Thomas!

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